I love reading! I was reading at age 3. (I begged my mom to teach me!)

Full Circle! Me with Patricia MacLachlan at ALA, 2013. Hearing her speak more than 20 years ago led me to write and edit for children. Milestone moment!

Me with Amanda Flower, an Agatha Nominee. Note Dead Fred, who travels everywhere with Amanda. Go to her website to learn more. (I love Dead Fred!)

I love libraries! I rode my bike to the library almost every day! #loveyourlibrary

​​​​​Most of all, I love my God & Family! #faithworks


​Reviews of children's books for all ages. 

I love gardening! #greenthumb

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ALA 2013 Chicago

I love eating clean and green! #healthyliving

I love DIY! #craftygirl #craftymama #handywomanchronicles

​​I love humor! My dad is a natural comedian #MurphysLaw

Kim Childress

​​​​I love my Job! #booklover

Consider this: 
Children's books have an extended life. You read them as a child, then again as a parent, and again as a grandparent.

What a treat this was! Author Tim Shoemaker signing his new book, Back Before Dark!

Me as Ms. Frizzle at Kids' Ink Children's Bookstore. Everyone thought this was my real hair! (FYI -- it's a wig!)

I love music! I play piano, guitar, flute, and violin. #karaokeanyone?

I love reading!

I love quotes! Music makes the people come together. -Madonna

About Kim Childress: Author ~ Award-Winning Editor ~ Reviewer ~ Consultant ~ Speaker


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After nearly thirty years in different areas of publishing, I have found those working in children's publishing share a camaraderie. We understand that writing, editing, and reviewing books for children comes with added responsibility. Our words affect the lives of young readers. 

I am a lover of books, especially children's books. ChildressInk.com began as an author page and book review site, where I could share great books I couldn't fit in my Girls' Life column. 

Childress Ink has evolved along with my writing, editing, and work in publishing. My writing has always been a ministry for me, but after working as middle-grade acquisitions editor for Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, I have been humbled and blessed to have worked on books that have powerfully impacted young readers and the adults in their lives.  

Childress Ink has become a resource for writers, educators, librarians, and students, with opportunities for young authors, including internships. Childress Ink consists of a team of authors, editors, and other publishing professionals I have worked with over the years who are excellent at what they do.

As writers, we're all a team. I passionately feel writers must help one another. I love sharing books and info on the publishing industry with the world. I speak at schools and libraries on a variety of publishing-related topics, and I love talking books! If you have a project you would like to discuss, or more information on speaking events, please contact me, and thanks for visiting! Keep reading! #AmReading