Childress Ink Team

Stephanie Stapert

Intern, Editorial assistant, reviewer, and web content developer while junior in high school interested in all things books.... Currently at MSU School of Journalism. 

Great books require a team. Over the years I've built a core group of editors and writers of excellence, including:

Taya d.G. Age 16

Winter Intern, spends much of her free time reading Ray Bradbury short stories, poems, and novels and passionately quotes Ray Bradbury paraphernalia, such as her Facebook message to the ghost of Ray Bradbury saying, “we’ve finally made it,” linking him to an article on the latest attempt to live on Mars. Follow her on Facebook to find out more about Ray Bradbury and Mars!

Stephanie Udell

Editor, Managing Editor

Currently a senior at Ferris State University, English major, creative writing minor

Editorial Intern, Childress Ink LLC Summer 2019

Meet My Staff

by Patricia Marx

An All-Time Favorite, every page is interactive

Corynn Rothman -Age 16 

Editorial Intern ~ Reviewer, editor, proofreads, web content contributor, and so much more!

Brayden Probst

YA Author & Editorial Intern ~ May 2017 - 2019

Reviewer, editor, and proofreader

Web content contributor and designer

Freelance editor and web content contributor, current.

Alyshia Hull

Author, Artist, Award-Winning Journalist

Represented by Kim Childress, Childress Ink LLC

Associate Editor 

Co-Product Developer

July 2019-Present

Robert E. Carter

Producer & Content Manager

Product Developer, Childress Ink LLC

More than 40 years in media production, including internet,

radio, and TV

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Melissa Yeomans ~ Author, Editor, Designer Design Editor & Online Content Developer

Co-Producer, Childress Ink LLC

YouTube Guru 

Laurel C. - New Media Editor

Author, Artist, Illustrator, Poet, Song Writer

Editorial Assistant ~ Writer, Reader, Graphic Designer

YouTube guru in the works 

November 2009-Present

Briana V., Age 15, reviewer

Jillian Belene, Age 16, Winter Intern, January 2015

Brianna Busscher, Age 19, Summer Intern, 2014, 2015 

Tanaya G., Age 19, reviewer

Tristan K., Age 20, reviewer

Paul C., Age 20, reviewer

Adam C., Age 17, reviewer

Leah C., Age 15, reviewer

Laura S., Age 15, reviewer


Kelly Anne White ~ Freelance Editor, Macros-Proofreads 

Author of:

The Legend of the Fairy Stones, Morgan James Publishing, April 2019

Represented by D.J. Snell, President and Founder, Legacy Management LLC

Additional Interns & Contributors


  • Partnering with authors and publishers to create quality children’s book
  • Editing, all stages, all ages, all genres
  • Branding and social media campaigns from conceptualization, including pre-book buzz and early endorsement campaigns
  • Website creation with author, also content creation and/or management
  • Content marketing
  • Social media campaigns and development of social media platforms with SEO throughout development process
  • Professional press releases
  • Media campaigns, including multi-media pre-release campaigns, ongoing direct outreach to media professionals, targeted direct outreach to librarians and educators, targeted local media campaigns
  • Literary representation on select titles, invitation only
  • Full promotion including vending at events on all products

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), PAL author, 29 years

American Booksellers Association
American Library Association

Better Business Bureau, Childress Ink LLC
Professional Technical Services

Childress ink LLC

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