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Body & Soul, by Bethany Hamilton

Since I was one of the editors blessed to work on this project, I have an intimate knowledge of its contents. And I am testifying today that this book helped me lose 50 pounds and become healthier--physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I've said before, there have been times in my editing life when I am working on a book and realize, This is going to powerfully affect lives. Body & Soul, by Bethany Hamilton, is one of those books. Bethany's inspirational story only serves as a backdrop, in that she shares how she had to overcome obstacles to remain an award-winning surfer, such as regaining her balance with only one arm. In Body & Soul,  Bethany addresses issues girls face with self-esteem and perceptions of girls portrayed in the media. Bethany stresses for girls (and everyone) to view themselves as God does. From there, she offers healthy lifestyle tips, with exercises specially developed by her personal trainer for teens, plus recipes, nutrition information, and so much more. Bethany offers a way to healthy living, which includes spiritual health as well as physical.

​As I edited the book, I closely examined my own life. I'd already reduced processed foods, but I doubled my efforts to "eat clean." I made myself eat breakfast, though I had never been a breakfast person (besides coffee--and yes, I know all the literature).  As for exercising, I already did at least 30 minutes daily, so I didn't really increase my time. However, I added more strength training and calisthenics. I also changed my mindset about exercise. My 30 minutes a day didn't always have to be an all-out, full-force workout. Extreme exercising does not always allow the body to relax, which is important for reducing stress. I walk, bike, clean, garden, ski, sled, skate, and play with the kids. I mix it up and have fun!

Finally and most importantly, I examined where I was in my relationship with God. And I made changes. Hard changes. Change is scary, but it's inevitable. Knowing who I am, as a child of God, gives me strength and helps me remember:  With God for me, whom shall be against? With God for me, whom shall I fear

Body & Soul, by Bethany Hamilton

Zondervan, $15.99
Nonfiction, ages 8 and up

Healthy living, Physical, emotional,

and spiritual wellness  

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