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What is art for? What can art do? And how can a young artist change the world? Piper Perish learns all this and more when she follows her dream of being an artist, and leaves her home in Texas for New York. But city life isn't all Piper imagined. And Piper's dream-come-true opportunity to work as an assistant to a famous modern artist turns out to by way more high-pressured than expected. Piper doesn't have to work on her own art, and Piper's creative side needs to create. Things start looking up when Piper makes a new friend, But Grace is a heavily-involved activist, and Piper begins to question why she wants to be an artist, if she has the talent to be an artist, and then she wonders what's the point? Yes, Piper, making great art is enough! A great YA. contemporary-realistic fiction that celebrates art and its importance, and readers will totally relate to Piper's situation and what she does. Ages 14+, Chronicle Books, ISBN-13: 9781452160375

Art Boss

Kayla Cagan

Oct 2018, Chronicle Books, Ages 14+