America's Favorite Rapping Teacher!

Better known as  as “America’s Favorite Rapping Teacher” from his viral “Welcome to the Fourth Grade” video, Dwayne Reed’s debut novel Simon B. Rhymin’  releases March 2 with Little Brown. For ages 8-12 Simon B. Rhymin’ is a humorous and heartwarming bounce-to-the-beat underdog story about a young rapper whose rhymes help bring his Chicago community together. 

As a teacher, Dwayne Reed’s life changed drastically after his “Welcome to the Fourth Grade” video went viral. He is now a national educational ambassador and speaker, getting kids excited to learn and empowering them, and has been able to partner with Old Navy and other brands to help touch the lives of children.

The book touches on everything from supporting local communities, volunteering, homelessness, bullying, rapping, to finding your voice. This is Dwayne’s incredibly personal story, as he wants to represent the Black and Brown students he grew up with in Chicago, and now teaches, and help support young readers as they find their voices and follow their dreams. 

DWAYNE REED Dwayne Reed is America’s favorite rapping teacher from Chicago. In 2016, the music video for his hit song, “Welcome to the 4th Grade,” went viral and has since been viewed nearly two million times on YouTube. When he’s not writing, rapping, or teaching, Dwayne can be found presenting at educator conferences across the U.S., or loving on his beautiful wife, Simone.