Kim: I know you have two projects close to your heart at the moment, Cindy Mindy and the Perfectly Perfect Word and several journals that I LOVE! Can you share some of your inspiration behind writing Cindy Mindy and journals?
Alyshia: When I came up with Cindy Mindy, I thought of a time in my life when I once struggled with perfection, the theme behind the story. I know kids struggle with perfection too, it feels like an important conversation to have.  As for the journals, I have two (at the moment;). My first journal is for teens who believe in goal-setting, it also details my learning disability. One thing I love about kids is their ability to dream big. I wanted to create a journal where they could organize their goals and ambitions. You can read more about the journaling process on my website And my second journal project is for teens who struggle with anxiety. I've been there. I wanted to give them a safe place to explore their thoughts and emotions.

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