Welcome to the Dedicated Find Your Future in Art Page

We are all artists in some way, each and every one of us. Think about it. Even CEOs get creative when they write memos. An innate artistic nature exists within each one of us, which we may display in many different ways--coloring, carpentry, fashion, blogging, and so much more! 

Find Your Future in Art invites all artists young and old (as in, everyone) to explore your artistic nature and see how technology has changed the industry, as well as others, and these advances in technology continue to provide countless opportunities for creative expression--whether professionally or as a hobby. 

Part of the Find Your Future in STEAM series, published by Bright Futures Press (Cherry Lake Publishing), part of a three book series I edited, nineteen books total; the Find Your Future in STEAM series, Choose Your Own Career Adventure series, and the Get a Job series.

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