Brainstorming with Juliette and Mom, actress Janine Turner, co-founder of Constituting America. 

Juliette sent me this picture the day Our Presidents Rock! went to the printer. Whew! But memories I'll never forget. Thanks Juliette, for blessing my life! 

Q1. What inspired you to write this book? 

A: Ever since my mother read the Constitution to me on the hammock during my spring break, I have been interested in the Constitution and how it affects the future of our country. When I became National Youth Director of Constituting America, I became eager to spread the word amongst my generation. 

Q2. Why is it important for kids to learn about the Constitution? 

A: It is of utmost importance for kids, the future generation of America, to understand the relevancy of our Constitution, the law of the land. It is America's road map and guide and without reverence and a working knowledge of it, we will lose our country. 

Q3. Who is the intended audience for this book? 

A: Every citizen of America can pick up this book to deepen their understanding of the Constitution in an entertaining way. If you want an explanation of the constitution free of confusing sentences and language, this is the book for you! 

Q4. What do you hope readers learn from the book? 

A: I hope that whoever reads this book closes the cover understanding the vitality of the Constitution and how relevant it is in our everyday lives and how important it is to maintaining our Republic. 

Q5. How can teachers and librarians use the book? 

A: This book gives teachers and librarians an easy way to teach the constitution in a peer to peer way. It is an engaging way to stimulate interest in our Country's founding document that has revolutionized the world.

Q & A with 14-year old Author, Juliette Turner on Our Constitution Rocks...

Coolest book on the presidents ever!

Our Presidents Rock, by Juliette Turner
Zondervan, $14.95
Nonfiction, American History, Presidents,Executive Office, Constitution and the executive office, written for teens by a teen, Ages 8+

Working with Juliette is amazing. She's this 14-year-old high school student who knows more about our Constitution--and now more about our presidents--than most adults living in the USA. Juliette's passion for the Constitution was passed down from her mother, actress and talk-radio host, Janine Turner, At age Juliette became the National Youth Director for Constituting America, she speaks around the country, has been featured in Time for Kids. In her second book, Juliette applies her passion of our nation's history to the executive office.

Our Constitution Rocks, by Juliette Turner
Zondervan, $14.95
Nonfiction, American History, Constitution, Founding Fathers, Constitution for teens by a teen, Ages 8+

When Our Constitution Rocks! came to me, I said I was the perfect editor for this book. Since childhood, I've had a strong passion for what the Founding Fathers did for our country. I actually wrote a college thesis arguing that the Founders created the Constitution for the good of the people, not for selfish gain. One of my works-in-progress is a novel from the point of view of a child of one of our Founders while the Constitution was being debated. I have two shelves in my library dedicated to this time in history.

In case you aren't up on the Constitution, it's time to learn about this amazing document that forms the basis of our government, of our great country. Juliette was able to present the Constitution in an entirely new way, bringing it to life and explaining it, clause by clause, for a new generation. And it has succeeded in teaching kids and adults alike about the relevancy of our Constitution and its importance to our nation. Especially in light of recent events. Because of the success of Our Constitution Rocks!, Juliette was asked to pen another book, this time on the presidents--​Our Presidents Rock!