H.I.V.E #5


H.I.V.E #4


H.I.V.E #3

Escape Velocity

H.I.V.E #2

​the Overlord Protocol

H.I.V.E #1

the Higher Institute of Villainous Education


The Higher Institute of Villainous Education or H.I.V.E. is one of the best books I ever read. Harry Potter fans looking for something new to read? Replacing magic with technology these kids go to a "different" school. Otto, Wing, Shelby, and Laura each have been selected to be a student at H.I.V.E., and trouble always seems to follow them where ever they go. Join Otto and friends as they battle numerous enemies and find friends in unexpected places.

Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway,

By Max Brallier, illustrated by Rachel Maguire, Aladdin, $13.99
Genre: Humor, comic book style
Ages 8-12
Middle-grade, humor with comic-book-style illustrations throughout, reminiscent to the Captain Underpants series (though with a step-up in plot—however slight), but seriously the kids will love it! Great for reluctant readers, especially boys, but will appeal to both.

Cosmoe the Earth-Boy, captain of the Neon Wiener, the finest flying food truck in the galaxy. Along with my best bud, Big Humphree, I spend my days cruising the cosmos and staying crazy busy …

Cast Off

by Eve Yohalem, Dial, $16.99
Genre: Historical fiction, realistic adventure, pirates, for boys and girls Ages 10+
A girl. A boy. A secret that will change their lives.
Told in their separate voices, twelve-year-olds Petra, who escaped her abusive father’s Amsterdam house in 1663, and a half-Javanese/half-Dutch boy relate their adventures at sea after Petra stows away and Bram, son of the ship’s carpenter, helps her disguise herself as a boy. 

The Girl Who Could not Dream,

​By Sarah Beth Durst
Clarion Books, 2015, $16.99
Genre: middle grade fiction, mystery, adventure, fantasy 
Ages 10-12
ISBN: 978-0-544-46497-1

​H.I.V.E #6

​Zero Hour

H.I.V.E #8


H.I.V.E #7


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Archie Greene and the Magician’s Secret

By D. D. Everest, HarperCollins, $16.99
Genre: Mystery, fantasy, magiC
Ages 8-12


Minecraft Blockopedia,

by Alex Whitshire Scholastic, $49.99
Genre: Nonfiction, guide to Minecraft

Minecraft is truly one of the best games ever, not only because of battling zombies or whatever monsters appear at random times, but it’s also a puzzle. As you build your world, you discover fantastic secrets and skills that keep you discovering more and more the amazing things possible. Expert, novice or newbie, alone or multi-playing with your buds, this awesome, cube-shaped, keepsake book spills all the secrets on the amazing world of Minecraft.