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moonbeam children's book award 2017, Best new series - chapter books bronze medal winner

This series has been a blast to work on! The concept brilliant ...

An alternate colonial America, where magic and mythical creatures exist. The Postmaster has three bickering sons, and in an attempt at brotherly bonding, he assigns them to visit the Waypoints (aka post offices) across the land of Liberty. But then their uncle stepped in and turned it into a race!  Uncle was one of the original Rangers who helped mapped the Wilds, and he created three routes, the rules were set, and the brothers set out. Along the way they meet with adventures and dangers of every unexpected sort, and also make new friends, like Bree, a woman who is a blacksmith, looking for a town where she and her work would be accepted. An enslaved magician, two orphan sisters, dragons, griffins, and shifty strangers, it's a good thing each brother has his own special Magic.

Even more brilliant, in addition to the fantastical stories, each book contains a hidden state game based on one of the states. A hidden-word game, state-related terms are included in the back, like state flower, state bird, and woven these words into the storyline. Fifty books in the series, once for each state, the books are based on states in their order of ratification, beginning with Delaware in book one.

Book one sets the stage for the race, and each book follows one of the brothers--Ewan, the eldest, who can Change into an elk; Zane, the middle child, a loner whose Change takes the shape of a wolf, and Ganix, the youngest, with a mischievous streak, who changes into a raccoon. The Postmaster, by the way, has magic also ...

You can keep up with each brother's progress, have your own personal wax seal created based on your home state and interests, and learn more about the author and series at the Waypoint Log.