It’s Raining Cats! It’s Raining Dogs! It’s Raining Bats! And Pollywogs!, by Sherry West, Morgan James Kids, July 2019, $9.95, Ages: 2–6, ISBN: 9781642793918
Genre/BISAC: Children’s Humor, Children’s Poetry, Children’s Zoo, Children’s Fiction, Animals, Pets
One very unusual day, it rains, but not the kind that’s expected. The heavens opened and down they sent one quite noisy elephant! And so begins a very hilarious downpour of confused, amused, bemused, grumpy, frumpy, mumpy, lumpy, highly annoyed, and patiently suffering zoo full of animals onto an unseen town down below! We have to duck and run for cover while chickens cluck and near us hover! They’re raining fast all over town! I wonder what else is coming down??? Parents and educators alike enjoy reading this hilarious, highly engaging, and appealing book with its lyrical text and giggly-wiggly pictures to children, who quickly and easily acquire important language and reading skills along the merry way. Learn more at @SherryWestArt on Twitter, @SherryWestArt on Instagram, and

The legend of the fairy stones 

It's Raining Cats! Dogs! and Pollywogs!

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The Cosmic Carrot: A Journey to Wellness, Clear Vision & Good Nutrition

By Dr. Robert Alan Grand

Morgan James Publishing, July 2019, $21.95, Ages: 2-6, ISBN 9781642792683 HC
Genre/BISAC: Juvenile Fiction, Stories in Verse, Health, Daily Living, Humor

The Cosmic Carrot is a compelling story written by an eye doctor in rhyming verse to teach children the importance of eating a healthful diet and having good vision care practices. Inspiring bright ink-and-watercolor illustrations demonstrate the miraculous path to improve wellness. A bright young boy, Mitch, discovers the truism that “you are what you eat,” thanks to his best friend Max. Mitch learns to improve his general health by making organic, holistic food choices. Friends, family, and a dedicated eye doctor guide him down the road to vitality, self-awareness, and personal growth. The Cosmic Carrot is informative, educational, and fun for young readers. Learn more about Dr. Robert Alan Grand’s future picture book projects at @kidsbookauthor on Instagram or at

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Legend of the Fairy Stones receives Purple Dragonfly Award for Excellence in Illustration and Contribution to Children’s Literature in Art Education, Honorable Mention, awarded by Story Monsters Ink. Learn more at #KidLit #KellyWhite #Cool #IllustrationAward #StoryMonstersInk

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Trapper’s Grounding, by Dawn Chevoya
Morgan James Publishing, May 2019, $14.95, Ages 9+, ISBN-13: 9781642791341
Genre/BIASIC: Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy, Social Themes, Self Esteem, Self Reliance
When seventh-grader Brennon Trapper discovers his parents have lied to him and that his birth father is buried in the cemetery where he hangs out after school, he loses all hope in himself. What else have they been hiding? Deep in the woods, at the start of summer break, Brennon sets in motion something that will change his life forever—in 200 days. When the tesserapod Brennon and his brother bury in the ground develops into something too big to hide, will he be able to keep it a secret from his father? An epic December blizzard in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula triggers a chain of events that drives Brennon to finally confront his greatest fear and ultimately run away. Too bad he chooses the worst day of the entire year. A heartfelt story about truth, death, and believing in yourself…and something magical. Learn more about the author at, @dawnchevoya on Instagram and Facebook @Dchevoya.

The Uncooperative Flying Carpet

By Michele Clark McConnochie
MJ Kids, August 2018, $16.95, Ages: 8–12, ISBN-13: 9781683508113
Genre/BISAC: YA Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, Fierce Heroines
The first in a trilogy, The Uncooperative Flying Carpet tells the story of Sabrina Summers, her brother Rory, and her friends, whose lives are turned upside down when Sabrina’s father marries someone she suspects is a witch. Accidentally sent to the strange land of Dralfynia and turned into old-fashioned fairytale characters, Sabrina and the others must battle witches, bats, and goblins; deal with betrayal and mistrust; and get back home before they’re grounded for life. To do that, they need to work as a team, but with only an uncooperative flying carpet and a unicorn with gas to help them, will they ever get back to Melas? And if they do, what might they find waiting for them? This very funny, engaging read captures the imagination and takes children on a journey to another land where they can flip old-fashioned fairy tales inside out, leaving them laughing and asking for more. Learn more at, @MicheleClarkMcC on Twitter; Facebook at @MicheleClarkMcConnochie and @michele_clark_mcconnochie on Instagram.

The Secret Key of Pythagorum, by Michele Angello

Morgan James Publishing, July 2019, $16.95, Ages: 10+, ISBN: 9781683507888
Genre/BISAC: YA fiction, Fantasy, Arthurian Legend, Merlin, Magic, Medieval Literature, Intrigue, Suspense, Historical, Action Adventure, Survival
On an incredible journey of magic, fantasy, and mystery, a young man comes of age in the shadow of a supernatural family legacy. Savaric doesn’t know what to think. Is he a warlock? Is he cursed? Is he even of this earth? Everyone already looks at him strangely everywhere he goes. Then Savaric discovers that, under the right circumstances, he can become invisible. Could it have something to do with the dark powers in which his grandmother dabbled on the day he was born? The search for the answer leads him to a mysterious map. It’s written in language he’s never seen. It’s of a place he’s never heard of. And now in possession of a beautiful but puzzling golden key, Savaric’s curiosity is getting the best of him. Embarking on this strange quest, he meets many new friends—human and otherwise. He also discovers his mission in life. Savaric has been destined to save a kingdom. All he has to do now is survive the fierce enemies dispatched to destroy him. Learn more at, @authormichelea on Twitter, and @micheleangello1 on Instagram.

Pippin No Lickin’, by Layne Ihde
Morgan James Kids, November 2018, $9.95, Ages: 4–8, ISBN-13: 9781683509561
Genre/BISAC: Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Cats
Pippin the cat wouldn’t take a bath. Because he wouldn’t, all kinds of funny—and stinky!—things happen to him. In hilarious and unforgettable ways, Pippin is challenged with realizing his actions affect not only himself but others, too. Will his parents and classmates get him to change his mind? Pippin No Lickin’ addresses the consequences of personal actions with young readers. This colorful and endearing story establishes with children that parental wisdom is for their own health and safety, and helps them develop an understanding of selfishness. Pippin’s adventures also teach colors to very young readers along the way! Parents and children alike will enjoy this introduction to an immediately classic and memorable character in Pippin the cat.


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