Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret 

Series: The Explorer Academy 
By Trudi Trueitt, 
Sept. 4, 2018 $16.99
Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-1426331596

Ages: 8-12

Genre: Middle-Grade-Super-Unique Mystery, Adventure 

National Geographic’s exciting new ALMANAC 2019. Combining trending topics and evergreen information, the ALMANACis the ultimate guide to our magnificent planet and beyond. This book is the spin-off the Nat Geo’s bestselling Kids Almanac so for those who grew up eager awaiting that year’s edition can now relive those fond memories while being informed and inspired for this more grown-up version which will appeal to tweens and teens and adults of all ages. Bursting with faces and illustrations, the ALMANAC will both educate and entertain and is sure to become a go-to reference book as well as a favorite bedside book.
Please let me know if you need any other material or would like to speak with spokesperson science journalist, TV personality and host of the podcast “Talk Nerdy” Cara Santa Maria. We can also offer a few copies for a giveaway if you are interested in doing a holiday gift book promotion or trivia contest based on factoids from the book – in fact the Almanac was recently a category on Jeopardy!

Explorer Academy Codebreaking 

Series: The Explorer Academy 
.May 16, 2019 $16.99
Softcover ISBN-13: 978-1426333071

Ages: 8-12

Genre: Middle-Grade-Super-Unique Mystery, Detectives, Coding & Puzzle Activity Book

Explorer Academy Falcon's Feather

Series: The Explorer Academy 
May 16, 2019 $16.99
Softcover ISBN-13: 978-1426333040

Ages: 8-12

Genre: Middle-Grade-Super-Unique Mystery, Detectives, Coding & Puzzle Activity Book

From the time I was able to read, even as a three-year-old, I became fascinated with National Geographic magazine. The vivid photographs of real places, real people, and information on so many fascinating things that I didn't know about! I grew up before the time of the Internet--I know! Crazy, right?--and I lived in the library, close enough I could ride my bike. And I loved the feeling of picking up a new issue of the glossy, slick, thick magazine, and reading about oceans, outer space, or a photo-shoot in the Galapagos Islands, National Geographic has covered it all. Whether periodical, paperback, or social media platform, National Geographicis known for producing content of quality and excellence. And now, National Geographic's foray into middle grade fiction is all I would expect and more!

In The Nebula Secret, the first in a seven-book series, Cruz, Emmett, and Sailor become part of a group of 23 children who are training to become the next generation of explorers. With leading scientists, technological advances, and lots of cool gadgets, this story pulls you in from page one. ​​

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

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By National Geographic Photographer Annie Griffiths and Nancy Honovic

National Geographic Books

Release date: Agust 4, 2015, Ages 8-12

As an amateur photographer who is as camera crazy as I am book crazy, I can say that this photography guide is an excellent introduction to photography for young photographers (ages 5-100). It's actually quite comprehensive and reader friendly, and covers every facet of photography and equipment, plus how to use smartphone cameras, point-and-shoot, with vivid photographs that kids will love and will spark ideas. Perfect for children who show an interest in photography, hobbyists who want to learn more, and even professionals will get fun, new ideas for photographing with kids.