A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens
By Melissa Caughey
Storey Publishing (2015) $16.95
Age: 8-12
Genre: MG Nonfiction, Chickens, Pets,
Healthy Living

Welcome To the Symphony: A Musical Exploration of the Orchestra

Using Beethoven's Symphony No. 5

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By Carolyn Sloan
Illustrated by James Williamson
Workman Publishing, 2015, $24.95
Ages: 0-5
Genre: nonfiction picture book, novelty, symphony, music, instruments
ISBN: 9780761176473
Contact information: Lauren Southard

1001+Fantastic Facts About Animals


By Clare Hibbert

Barrons Publishing, $8.99


ISBN: 978-1-4380-1192-9

Genre: Facts, Animals, Picture Books, Learning

From Amazon: 

Did you know that bees communicate by dancing, polar bears have black skin, or that crocodiles cry whenever they eat? Find out about these and other animal facts. This book features:
Over 1001 fascinating facts that draw kids into the world of zoology
Fun, playful illustrations that present information in an engaging way
Eye-popping infographics that are informative and enjoyable

Space Number Crunch


By Kevin Pettman

Barrons Publishing, $10.99

Ages 10+

ISBN-13: 978-1438011783

Genre: Space, Facts, Numbers 

Summary From Amazon:

​​It's bursting with colorful infographics, high-impact artwork, and includes:

Space Record Breakers: random record setters such as the Sputnik orbit, Halley's Comet, and space tourist Dennis Tito
Astronauts: first spaceman and woman, most time spent in space, the first moon landing, astronaut records in space, and more
Galaxies: information that ranges from the oldest galaxies (13 billion years old) to the sheer number of galaxies in the universe (at least 100 million)
Telescopes: the first, the biggest, the most expensive, and the most powerful
Space Technology: robots, rovers, satellites, probes, and special space tech
Sun: fascinating facts about its size, temperature, and power
Number Crunch quiz, and so much moreEach piece of data is based around a number, creating an entire book of easy-to-understand information that will delight even the most reluctant readers. The comprehensive coverage includes key space facts, from the International Space Station to the planets, animals in space, the weird and wonderful, and beyond.

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

By Nancy Honovich and Annie Griffiths
National Geographic (August 4, 2015) $14.99

​Age: 8-12

Everyone will be itching to try the ideas in this info-packed book. Expert tips and tricks will enlighten even the savviest selfie snapper. Plus you can share your photos online within the MyShot community.

Big magic for little hands: 25 astounding illusions for young magicians

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By Joshua Jay

Workman Publishing, $19.95

Big Magic for Little Hands came in the mail, and my 10-year-old daughter picked it up, read through it, and started doing easy tricks with string, which she proceeded to share with everyone in the house, then with the neighbors, and today she took it to school. I’d say that’s pretty big magic.

"Have you ever been to a magic show and thought, “Wow, I could never do these!” This book tells kids just like you how to do tricks at your house.”     

-Laurel C., age 10


101 Things Every Girl Should Know  and  The Best Hair Book Ever
By Faithgirlz and Girls’ Life
Zonderkidz ( 2015) $14.99

Expert advice on stuff big and small and gorgeous hair how-to’s, in the latest Girls’ Life series. Offering all you would expect from Girls’ Life!


The Steal Like an Artist Journal:

A Notebook for Creative Cleptomaniacs
By Austin Kleon
Workman Publishing (October 6, 2015) $12.95
Genre: Adult Interest, Humor, Journaling, Nonfiction, Arts & Photography, Creativity

Elle & Coach: Diabetes, the Fight for My Daughter’s Life, and the Dog Who Changed Everything

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By Stefany Shaheen and Mark Dagostino
Hachette Books, 2015, $27.00
Ages: adult
Genre: biography, mothers, nonfiction, diabetes, dogs
ISBN: 978-0-31625-876-0

1001+Fantastic Facts About Science

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By Dan Green

Barrons Publishing, $8.99

Age: 10+

ISBN: 978-1-4380-1193-6

Genre: Facts, Science, Picture Books, Learning

From Amazon:

​One bolt of lightning contains enough energy to toast 100,000 pieces of bread, humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas, and more. This book features:
Over 1001 fascinating facts that draw kids into the world of science
Fun, playful illustrations that present information in an engaging way
Eye-popping infographics that are informative and enjoyable

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist

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By Emma Sundh and Sarah Wing
Chronicle Books, 2015, $16.95
Ages: middle grade
Genre: nonfiction, vintage hairstyles, fashion, photographs
ISBN: 978-1-4521-4308-8


Rookie Yearbook Three

Editied by Tavi Gevinson
Razorbill (October 21, 2015) $29.95
Ages: 14+ mature readers
Genre: YA nonfiction

Seventeen-year-old, fashion-model-turned-publishing-mogul, Tavi Gavinson sent her staffers out with the idea of LONGING when it was time to come up with this third installment of some of the best of RookieMag.com. Founder and editor-in-chief of the online magazine, this savvy, young entrepreneur took her vision and shared it with young women to help make the best of beauty, pain, and awkwardness and turned it into a unique vision and different way of looking at some of the trials of adolescence and beyond.  Simply said, this fantastic collection of images and stories stirs memories and emotions, and exceeds the original goal of presenting “longing” in as many ways as possible, like “Longing for the past: missing something you never had, missing a glorified idea of something, missing ignorance, missing simplicity. The paradox of getting what you longed for, that nothing can ever be truly what you wanted.” With contributions from inspirational women, including Elle and Dakota Fanning, Shailene Woodley, and multi-Grammy-winning teen breakout artist, Lorde, with photos and interviews with celebrities and teen girls about their experiences growing up. 

Earth and Space
By Nirmala Nataraj, Photographs by NASA
Chronicle Books (November 2015) $40.00
Genre: Adult Interest, Nonfiction

The Shakespeare Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

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By DK and Stanley Wells
DK, 2015, $25.00
Ages: 14+
Genre: Shakespeare, poems, plays, classics, literature, nonfiction
ISBN: 978-1-46542-987-2

Oddball Michigan:

a guide to 450 really strange places 

By Jerome Pohlen

Chicago Review Press, $16.95

Adult interest, nonfiction, travel, all about the Mitten state, Ages 10+

I love Michigan, though I'm biased because I live here. For anyone who loves the state or just wants to visit, this book is the off-the-beaten-path guide to all things Michigan, including maps and apps, wacky facts, festivals, legends, and so much more than just a tour guide for Michigan's pristine shorelines. 

Careers: The Graphic Guide to Finding the Perfect Job for You

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by DK Publishing
Edited by Allison Singer
ISBN: 9781465429735
Age: From 13 To 17 years

Gr 6 Up—A typical library's collection of career books can quickly become dated or out of touch. Enter this manual. With simple graphics, bright colors, and a vast compendium of information, this guide will engage teens who are wondering, "What now?" Each page contains a job description, information on related careers and salaries, and a skills guide. The book explains precisely how to go from dipping a toe into the waters of a particular job to the highest positions within the field. The index is well organized, and the entries are nicely cross-referenced. The material can be dry or a bit vague at times, especially for readers who would be interested in discovering real-life applications. However, it should be useful for students, and the wide scope of knowledge will keep it current for longer than many comparable titles. VERDICT This strong addition will be fun for browsers as well as for those selecting college majors and making job decisions.—Erinn Black Salge, Saint Peter's Prep, Jersey City, NJ -School Library Journal

"This is the prettiest, most well-organized, useful and up to date guide to careers that I have ever seen. It is a wonder, and it is a treasure. I haven't said this about any book, in the last twenty years." — Dick Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute?

nick and teslas robot army rampage: a mystery with hoverbots, bristlebots, 

and other robots you can build yourself

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by "Science Bob" and Steve Hockensmith
Quirk Books, $12.95
Middle-grade fiction with some nonfiction, mystery, science, science experiments, Ages 9-12
Excellent for meeting common core curriculum standards. 

Novelty nonfiction, crafts, ages 8+

Nick and Tesla involve themselves in a mystery surrounding the theft of a valuable comic from their friend's family store. Robots pop up around every corner, and they begin to suspect that the local gadget shop owner is up to something. Using household objects, Nick and Tesla invent robots and work to solve the robbery! Diagrams and instructions guide readers in building robots of their own with everyday items.               -Brianna B.

Pretty in paper

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by Aubre Andrus

American Girl, $24.99 ​

Novelty nonfiction, crafts, ages 8+

Excellent, anytime fun, these brilliant American Girl crafts are all made from paper, and you won't believe the things you can do! Alone or with a friend, you'll want to try every idea in this book. Use the colorful scrapbook papers and the super-cool quilling tool that coils the paper to make "Blooming Barrettes," "Photo Props," "Folded Flowers," and more. With a folder to hold creations and an easy-to-follow guide this also makes a great gift for any occasion.

Nonfiction for All-Ages