Slush Pile: A publishing industry term referring to the "pile" of manuscript submissions an editor has on his or her desk (and inbox) at any given time, typically unsolicited and unagented.

Slush Pile

In case you didn't know, I'm a Patriot through and through. I am passionate about the amazing achievement our Founding Fathers accomplished when they wrote the Constitution, the foundation of our country. What they did was REVOLUTIONARY!  Which is why I was the perfect editor for Our Constitution Rocks! And later, Our Presidents Rock! 

When Juliette's book came to me, I told her I was the perfect editor for her book. Since childhood, I've had a strong passion for what the Founding Fathers did for our country. I wrote a college thesis arguing that the Founders created the Constitution for the good of the people, not for selfish gain. I have also planned to write a novel from the point of view of a child of one of our Founders while he wrote the Constitution, and I have two shelves in my library dedicated to resources on this time in history.

In case you aren't up on the Constitution, it's time to learn about this amazing document that forms the basis of our government, of our great country.

Now you can experience the Constitution in an entirely new way, brought to life and explained, clause by clause, for a new generation. Another great slush pile story. Look for Our Presidents Rock.

Our Constitution Rocks!, by Juliette Turner

Zondervan, $14.99

Juvenile nonfiction, All Ages (7+)