I would like to thank all those publishers who helped make this possible (If I missed you below, let me know!), and thanks to Girls' Life magazine, for its attention to excellent books! Shout out to: #Girlslife #scholastic #HMH #stmartins #harpercollins #penguinrandomhouse #sourcebooks #feiwelandfriends #egmont #klutz #zondervan #bethany #henryholt #harpercollinschristianpublishing #simonandschuster #mcmillangroup #abrams #independentpublishinggroup #DK #harlequinteen #barrons #abdo #raabassociates #kidscanpress #quirk #candlewick #henryholt #americangirl #zestbooks #razorbill 

Good Will
Smile Train
World Vision
St. Jude's
Environmental Defense Fund
World Wildlife Fund
Natural Defense Fund
Local causes like "Teddy Bears for Firemen" 

I believe in giving back, and each year I seek out places where I can donate books. This season, thanks to a Facebook fundraising event, I donated 12 boxes of books to Youth Haven Ranch (youthhaven.org). ~Christmas 2015

What Do You Stand For?

What are some of the causes you care about? Raise your voice, vote your choice! Write emails and snail-mail letters to Congress for causes you care about. We live in a country where you are free to practice your religion and speak your voice. Speak it! Act! Your voice matters! 

Shout out to publishers & readers!

​Without you, this would not be possible!

(I would like to thank Murphy's Law for my broken car.)


Become a member of your community 

​Think about your community, what can you do to help? Is there an elderly person you could mow for? Volunteer at the zoo or an animal shelter? For me, my prayer is that God would bless the works of my hands, so I may be generous with the gifts he's given me. 

Another way God has blessed the works of my hands is through my book reviews. Publishers send me many books for my review consideration, and I donate them to many worthy causes--especially for schools, libraries, and promoting literacy. If you know of a worthy cause, person, or place who would benefit from donated books, please contact me here.