Internship Evaluation

Mrs. Kim Childress,
The breadth of an editor’s job requirements surprised me when I first began my internship. I had naïvely assumed that editors sat behind desks with red pens and did nothing but mark up papers all day long. While this is part of the job, I now understand there’s a lot more involved. Editors must be excellent writers and need to exercise their writing skills often to stay sharp. Networking with other editors and authors is an additional responsibility and helps draw new clients. Maintaining a social media presence makes an editor’s services more widely known and available.

I have learned much about the social media aspect of the publishing world during my internship. Prior to this summer, I had no concept of the time required to create and maintain a website. My knowledge of website design and upkeep has grown dramatically over the past few months as I have become familiar with the website host Dealing with glitches and formatting a standard design allowed me to think in new ways and problem-solve.

More than that, I learned the importance of a social media presence and search engine optimization. It is vital for authors, editors, and any independent businessperson to participate in multiple social networks to reach as many people as possible. Just as important is a link between all the networks so that a viewer can easily access each site from any of the connected sites.

My increased knowledge of the website creation process has led me to consider creating my own website, a prospect I previously found daunting. Over the summer, I discovered that website design is much simpler – though more time-consuming, patience-trying, and detail focused – than I had assumed. I now have the knowledge, experience, and therefore confidence required to create a website of my own. I have also noted the ease with which one can create a blog, so I may attempt this in the future as well. Overall, I am less fearful of having an online presence, and my interest in editing has increased now that I have a better understanding of the various tasks the job entails.

I am grateful for the free reign I was given over the design for the featured authors pages and for how we worked together on the featured books page to finalize a standard design. Mrs. Childress, you were very approachable and I felt comfortable asking any questions I had. Thank you for the immense blessing this internship, your friendship, and your mentoring has been over the past four months.

Brianna Busscher

I told my husband you’re the energizer bunny.  I hope you take your batteries out today and sleep. :) Blessings!!!

-Author, Jean Wilund

There are not a lot of times in life when we come across people that we instantly know have big hearts. I saw that in you from the moment we met. You are blessed to be an encourager and for that I humbly thank you. I just wanted to take the time once again to thank you for being the most beautiful woman, inside and out. You have been a blessing to me, and I do hope we will meet again soon. If I can ever be a reader for one of your authors, or if you ever need a review, please allow me to do so. It would be an honor!

-Erzsi, Pen and Ink Literary Agent

​Thank you for your kind, kind words! Back at ya!

I will forever cherish the time Lisa and I shared while working on the Sisters in all Seasons series. I fell in love with Stephanie and Diana the moment I started reading, and I completely related with Diana. I loved the way you handled dealing with an "unspecified" mental disorder (bi-polar), and I connected with their stories on a deeper level. Keep writing! I pray our paths may cross again! (And I have a feeling they might...) Until then, God bless! 

My client Barbara Younger is friends with your author Lisa Kline who can't say enough good things about working with you (I'm assuming your ears have been burning!).

Ron, all I can say is you are wonderful to work with and simply hilarious! NEVER change Howard Boward's name! It's who he is! May God bless you as you have blessed me!​​

From Ron Bates, author of the Howard Boward series:
How to Make Friends and Monsters and How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots

​"I hope you know how lucky I feel to have gotten to work with you on the Howard books. Not many editors have your sense of humor (which is really similar to mine -- so I'm not sure that's a compliment!) and you did so much to help me develop the characters. It's like you made friends with Howard and Franklin before I did, and then got me to see them through your eyes. Thanks for all you've done. I'm going to miss you."

Thank you, Melissa!  

"I am just one author that she has spoken inspired words to. She has carried at her breast countless tales, behind the scenes. You can find her name tucked into published works, sometimes in the acknowledgements, other times listed as editor. Now I hold a better understanding of the significance of that. Kim Childress has championed and polished many a worthy tale to its place upon the shelves of bookstores, but more importantly she champions and polishes worthy stories so that they will impact hearts to affect the future in a positive way. I am honored to be able to call her my editor, and more than that my true friend." -Author, Melissa Yeomans

Those who know me understand that I believe God brings people into my life. Thank you, all, for your kind words. I am honored to have worked with each and every one of you!