Wings Of Fire

Series by Tui T. Sutherland

Clay is a Mudwing, brought to the Talons of Peace to be the one of the Dragonets of Destiny called for in the Dragonet Prophecy. If he had to, Clay would give his life in a moments notice to save his friends. Does it happen? Read the Wings of Fire Series to find out!

"Oh the Dragonets are coming, there coming to save the day, for they will fight, for they know whats right, oh the Dragonets are coming."

Rainwings were known in Pyrrhia as a lazy, peaceful tribe. But not Glory, she is anything from lazy, she worked as hard if not harder than any dragon They meet on there Journey. but there guardians in the cave have different thoughts about her. Being the replacement for a broken egg gives her guardians another excuse to yell at her, but one night, they take it to far. find out what happens in the Wings of Fire Series.

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Tsunami, The fierce Seawing, is not afraid of anything. This gets her in trouble sometimes. Taken also by the Talons of Peace to be the Seawing of Destiny, She is determined to escape the cave all the Dragonets of Destiny were raised in. But when the time comes and they need to escape, can she actually do it? Read the Wings of Fire Series to find out!

Tui T. Sutherland