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Big magic for little hands: 25 astounding illusions for young magicians

 06.22.15     posted by:  Kim     comments:  

By Joshua Jay

Workman Publishing, $19.95

Big Magic for Little Hands came in the mail, and my 10-year-old daughter picked it up, read through it, and started doing easy tricks with string, which she proceeded to share with everyone in the house, then with the neighbors, and today she took it to school. I’d say that’s pretty big magic.

"Have you ever been to a magic show and thought, “Wow, I could never do these!” This book tells kids just like you how to do tricks at your house.”     

-Laurel C., age 10

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Make your own washi tape stickers

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By Anne Akers Johnson

Klutz, $16.99

Novelty nonfiction, ages 6+

Crafty girls: get your DIY on with this latest Klutz book! Colorful washi tapes beat out duct tape because it’s easy to peel (think masking tape), sticks to almost anything (lockers, mirrors, journals) and comes right off when done. With traceable art, six rolls of tape, backing paper, and a felt-tip pen, you can create 100s of designs.

A Plague of unicorns

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By Jane Yolen

Zonderkidz, $14.99

Release date: Dec 23, 2014, Middle grade

Working with Jane Yolen on this illustrated adventure was wonderful fun! Humor abounds in this middle-grade, historical tale of heroes, unicorns, dukes, and abbeys.

​​Yolen (Owl Moon) weaves a magical yet believable tale of myth and magic in this charming middle-grade fantasy. In the mythical kingdom of Callanshire, James, son of the Duke of Callander, is sent away at age nine to study at Cranford Abbey. The abbey, struggling to stay financially solvent, plans to make its extraordinary golden Hosannah apples into cider for sale. Unfortunately, unicorns also love these delicious apples. No matter how the monks try, they cannot get rid of the horned orchard raiders until James summons a singer named Sandy, who may have a way with unicorns...

Other Great Reads...

One of the reasons I launched was to share books that couldn’t fit in Girls’ Life. Space is so limited, and there are simply too many great books -- which is why I don’t write any negative reviews. Anything you see listed on this site is some of what I consider the best in new releases.

​Welcome to my newest feature -- GL Finalists -- the books I narrowed down for each issue, the best of the best. Enjoy!

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