When you're a children's writer, you have to be aware of your inner child.


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​October 11, 2015

Jim Dale
On Narrating the Harry Potter Books

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Fall 2015

Find your inner child!

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 Fall 2015 

Horror stories have always been a personal favorite. I read Stephen King in the 8th grade--The Shining and The Stand (the abridged version--much, much better)--but I prefer suspenseful, supernatural stories with psychological twists over gore and shock effect. I love all kinds of books, but scary stories hold a special place in my heart. 

Kim Childress

Welcome to ChildressInk.com! It's been a long-time coming, and this launch would not have been possible without my new team, MEET MY STAFF. My updates also wouldn't be possible without all of you who have trusted me with your work, enough that I have been able to hire an assistant, the remarkable Melissa Yeomans, and producer, Robert Carter.

What else is new? An upcoming YouTube channel with author interviews, book reviews, and music; the Kids' Corner Book Club; and resources for writers and readers of all ages! 

Welcome to the childressink youtube channel, where it's okay to be a child!

I love my job! 

Posing as Zeroes (left to right) Deborah Biancotti, Kim Childress, Margo Lanagan & Scott Westerfeld!


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When I speak to students (and adults) who still don't know what they want to be when they grow up, I am happy to recommend the best book I have seen on the subject in over 20 years. Students especially have added pressure  to "know what they want to do," to which I say, EXPLORE your interests, STRESS LESS, and take time to DISCOVER what makes you tick. And check out this fantastic new resource.   

This give-away had more entries than any book I've featured previously. Congratulations, winners! -Kim

love your library!

Check your local library for special events for the kids, story time, writing contests, and of course, books. I lived at the library as a child, riding my bike there nearly every day.

Coming Soon!

Kids' Corner YouTube Reviews

A round-table discussion by kids for kids, on their favorite current reads and more!

Scott Westerfeld,

Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti, 

three amazing authors=one brilliant book! Zeroes, YA sci-fi, adventure by the author of the Uglies series.  


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